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We Are Saturn Solutions

Bringing you messages from a Loving Universe!

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  • Live Phone Call Reading

    30 min

    90 US dollars
  • Zoom virtual reading

    30 min

    125 US dollars
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Saturn Solutions

Your Tarot Coaching Team Online

Tarot is a powerful, nuanced tool that can help us to affect real, empowered change in our lives. We are a diverse team of intuitive readers who works with the Angels and Spirit Guides and YOUR spiritual team to help you gain the most out of your reading. We don’t believe in definitive predictions or that anything is set in stone. YOU have FREE WILL and the POWER to manifest the outcomes you want. We want to help you on your journey to enlightenment which means asking the most empowered questions possible. We prefer not to focus on “yes/no” questions, timeline questions, or questions relating to medical and legal matters. We can’t tell you when/if you’ll have a baby or win the lottery, but we will help coach you toward a better understanding of what YOU CAN DO to create your best outcomes.  We use a mixture of Tarot and Oracle cards in our readings. We specialize in career, love and relationship readings. If you think we would be a good match, we would be very happy to read with you.

Remember the Universe loves you!


Be blessed

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